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How MMR works in league of legends

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How MMR works in league of legends 
As for magical items, when you first purchase a Twisted Faith, you should purchase:
A Health Potion. Sold in bubbles. Restores health. You can take and carry 5 cans at a time.
Protective Totem. This is Ward. It is used to get visibility in a certain area.
Doran's ring. Allows you to restore mana. Improves the health of the hero. Additionally gives strength to his abilities and auto-attacks (in relation to monsters and minions).
Next, artifacts are bought for protection, increased mobility and damage. The following items are suitable for Twisted Fate:
Fabric armor. Provides physical protection.
Runners. Speed up the champion by 25 units.
The Seeker's bracers. Enhance abilities and physical defense.
Wizard's boots. Accelerate and make it possible to break through the resistance of enemies to magical effects.
How MMR works in league of legends
As a result, Twisted Fate may have such an assembly:
the wand of ages;
Rabadon's death hat;
the Lich storm;
The staff of the Abyss;
zhoni's hourglass;
wizard's boots.
Depending on the situation in the assembly, some artifacts can be replaced. For example, you can include such magical items: a
sash of swift silver;
the mask of emptiness;
The banshee veil;
The crystal scepter of Rilai;
guardian angel;
echo of Luden.

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